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Steel container containing tooth
Steel container containing baby tooth
Steel container containing lock of hair
Steel container containing ring
Aluminium cone top part pivoting open
Machined aluminium cone opening on a dovetail joint revealing two silver storage tubes
Aluminium cone detail - no 1
Aluminium cone detail - no 2
Aluminium cone detail - no 3
Aluminium cone detail - no 4

Containers For Precious Objects

Objects on a personal level are invested with meaning by their owner and they become precious because of their meaning rather than their financial worth. Inspired by this idea these pieces are concerned with containing small precious objects, such as a lock of hair or a set of baby teeth. I believe that placing such items into a dedicated container helps to elevate them into a position of importance, which I feel they deserve.

Opening the container is of considerable importance and whilst I am not concerned with complex and secret openings, I do believe that the opening of these containers is something that should be a carefully considered act rather than just done without thought. The opening of the container thus becomes a moment that is not necessarily time consuming but something more than a passing or casual glance into a box. In this way I feel that the objects within the container can be savoured and enjoyed. The movement of the opening is vital, not only can a well-considered opening help to elevate the importance of the contents but also it can provide pleasure in itself.

Machining from the solid provides the accuracy and the smoothness of engineered movement, which is essential. It also provides the solidity of form, which I believe is integral to these pieces. The solidity of the cone gives the illusion of a seemingly impenetrable object which, even when ‘broken apart’, still protects its precious contents. I believe that a successful container should not only aesthetically induce the desire to open but give pleasure in the act of opening, culminating in the satisfaction of discovery. The aesthetics of the open should, whenever possible, provide satisfaction in itself. This is what I strive for in these pieces.