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About Anne Kernan

I am a London based freelance multi-disciplinary designer, artist and curator, working within the luxury industry. I am an avid collector and am obsessed with museums, objects and display. This fuels all aspects of my work and is central to everything I do. I design objects and jewellery to be collected and displayed, and display objects to tell a story. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art with a Masters in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery, I have expanded my skillset through exploration and learning, adding CAD, photography, ceramics, website building, curating and bookbinding to name but a few.

The diverse range of my interests means that I have extensive technical knowledge and experience, which I combine with my aesthetic sensibility and design skills. This ensures I deliver comprehensive and cohesive solutions across a range of creative disciplines. My regular clients approach me for my broad skills base, trusting me to deliver beyond the specifics of a jewellery designer, curator, photographer or visual merchandiser and valuing the personal touch I bring to every project.

This is what some of my clients have said about me:

"The joy of working with Anne is that I’m always guaranteed she’ll come at it from a totally different angle to me. She’s super talented, completely leftfield and original, with a precise, light touch and a great sense of humour." - Annoushka Ducas MBE

"Anne is an exceptional creative who offers extensive experience across a diverse range of creative disciplines. She has a thirst for knowledge, an enquiring mind, a highly developed aesthetic sensitivity, many years of experience of design, making and problem solving and an extraordinary work ethic. Although it is her intelligence and ability to think laterally, over and above all her other skills, that sets her apart from the rest." - Liz Olver (Design Director at Annoushka)

"Anne is a highly versatile and resourceful designer who always reveals in creativity and quirkiness, combining an impressive sense of storytelling and an impeccable execution of her work. I’ve known Anne for 12 years and I absolutely loved working with her. We mainly worked on jewellery projects where she tailored her talents to achieve strong commercial successes." - Dorothee Pugnet (ex Head of Design at Links of London)

“I have worked with Anne on multiple projects including website design, stills photography and Photoshop image manipulation. Anne has the intelligence to digest a brief and take it on a journey. She also has the aesthetic sensibility and determination to insure that the journey is not only inspired but also delivered with design integrity. When I employ Anne I do so with complete trust that I will be delivered a fantastic end result no matter what I ask her to do.” - Paul McLoone (P for Production & Just Runners)

"Contemporary British Silversmiths asked Anne Kernan to curate Form, an exhibition to celebrate the craft skills of the silversmith. With Anne’s background and attention to detail, we knew she would have the skills to bring to life the large open atrium of the Goldsmiths’ Centre. The brief was to put across the importance of tools in a silversmith’s making process. Anne created a stunning visual effect using her photography and graphic skills to show the tools in close detail, cleverly integrating the exhibition space with the tools inside the cabinets. The exhibition received wide acclaim and press coverage." Karin Paynter (Director Silver Speaks)  

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